Empiresmod officially awesome

By Tama on June 19, 2017

I’m so excited! This pull request makes us officially the first gaming website that is community-built; before, some of the developers perhaps made changes, but now, Lalaland has proven that anyone with a github account and basic knowledge of text editing can fix anything they want to on the website!

So please, honour Empiresmod, write game-reviews together, comparing features of other games with those in Empiresmod, fix typos on the website, make everything look just right - edit my words mercilessly, and make Empiresmod what you know it once was; full of life, full of players, full of passion! Long live zombie Empiresmod!

Proof that this is Zombie Empiresmod (but so far no answer to “are we dying or coming back, right now?”)

Steps for editing empiresmod.com: 1) Learn markdown 2) Learn git 3) Clone our website 4) Read README.md

If any of those steps fails, use the Help menu at the top of this page.